Let's Dive a Little Deeper...

About Me

Simply put, I'm impossible to miss. I'm the type of woman you would see in a coffee shop, latte in hand, headphones on (most likely two seasons into a legal podcast) but once you lay your eyes on me, they won't help but linger there. As your eyes glance down you'll notice my bright brown eyes hidden behind glasses, brown hair perfectly framing my face and delicate features, then my slender body paired with soft curves and legs that seem to never end.

I believe in celebrating every moment, and that is expressed in the way I dress. Day to day you'll most likely find me in something timeless, I adore dressing up and believe being over-dressed is always a safe bet. My favourites would be anything made of silk or cashmere. If a more casual look is your preference please be sure to mention this to me and I would be happy to slip into some jeans, although I do always dress appropriately for the occasion.

Being trained in the arts has given me the pleasure of being at events that require elegance and class from a young age. A multi-course dinner, a simple tapas and cocktails at a jazz bar, or on your arm at a charity event, I would be the perfect date no matter the occasion. 

The Dirty Details

Even though I'm in my 20's, I've been told I mesh well with gentlemen of all ages especially those who value connection and easy flowing conversation, and I bring a sense of comfort to those who may be new to this type of experience. I stand at 5'7.5" or approximately 171cm tall. If stats are something that interests you, my measurements are 32B-24-34 and I'm a (IT) 37.5 heel. 

When it comes to something to sip on, I am a fan of red wine (Italians are preferable; Barolo, Brunello, Barbaresco all hold a special place in my heart, and I can also be tempted with a Nebbiolo), a crisp champagne or if non-alcoholic is your preference, cold pressed juices. Being a true foodie, I am open to trying and testing just about anything (sans cilantro or pineapple), but my heart lies with Spanish tapas, authentic Italian, omakase sushi and fine dining experiences.

If you're looking for suggestions for dates, I have a love for the arts (museums, galleries, opera, theatre, broadway, the list goes on), brunch and tea time, as well as sporting events (basketball and football are my favourites). 

If you'd like to bring something extra to our date, my wish list can be found here.